Industries we work with:

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Health Care

  • One of the world’s highest-growth industries, artificial intelligence (AI) simplifies the lives of patients, doctors, and hospital administrators by improving the diagnostic process.


  • Brands and businesses can access more customers and offer them a personalized experience through the help of AI systems.


Social Media

Jobify works on a wide range of social media projects, helping to meet users’ demand for more relevant and personalized content.

Search Engines

We help in improving the search algorithm to help customers find better search results. Translation: AI is breaking the language barrier through high-quality training data we help provide.


AI is breaking the language barrier through high-quality training data we help provide.


 AI can be used to transcribe live or recorded audio or videos into text, our crowd help provide the data needed to train the machine-learning algorithms.

The company was founded in April, 2019. We aim to provide high-quality training data to your Machine learning algorithms

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Work From Home

With Jobify’s flexible working hours, work on the project anytime during your day, in the comfort of your own home.

Fair Pay

We pay our crowd above the minimum wage.

Communication and Support

Jobify provides around-the-clock support, guidelines, and seminars to maintain quality. We give feedback and listen to what our crowd has to say.

Privacy and Security

Any information collected about our crowd is requested for the purpose of the project only. We do not use information for any other purpose without consent.

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Millions of small businesses use our service to turn their ideas into reality.

Our Team

Our diverse team are committed to make Jobify a reality for people around the world.
Mahmoud Mubaied

Mahmoud Mubaied

Product Owner
Sabrine Zain

Sabrine Zain

Remote Crowd Manager
Diaa Abdaldayem

Diaa Abdaldayem

Backend Engineer
Mohammad Jameel

Mohammad Jameel

Frontend Engineer
Moaaz Elkabalawi

Moaaz Elkabalawi

Faisal Abu Ghazaleh

Faisal Abu Ghazaleh

Crowdsourcing Operations Assistant
Abdallah Jaghoub

Abdallah Jaghoub

Bashir Alsaifi

Bashir Alsaifi

Salim Malki

Salim Malki